Prototype Thursdays presents "Pretty Little Things"


Departing from Mount Emily’s history as a halfway house for the rehabilitation of underage street prostitutes, drug addicts and female juvenile delinquents, Pretty Little Things (墮落天使) is an experimental performance installation that adapts to the architecture space of the Mount Emily, bringing three female delinquent characters originally drawn from three quintessential Singapore-made films to flesh (12 Storey, Mee Pok Man and Eating Air).

Each girl shares an uncanny resemblance with their movie characters and we follow them along new unexplored tangents as they share a precious, fictional moment together. In the space of a girl’s home, we re-visit their stories and lost histories and bear witness to the human experience of love, sex, heartbreak, desire, grief, madness and addiction.

Created by Ruyi Wong, teaq and Osh, together with actors Kathy Kyongsu Han, Cheryl Lim and Isabelle Low, this experimentation of form, light, visual installation and performance explores the echoes that resound within the walls of Mt Emily amidst the historical undercurrents of a girl's home.



Ruyi: Ruyi's practice explores using a diverse body of video and photography to investigate issues of media representation. In 2014, Ruyi presented “Soap Opera Afternoon” a body of videos of housewives in the village of Bandung, Indonesia and their fascination, escapism and identification with daytime soap operas. As part of Singapore Art Week 2016 and Hyphen's "PPC: A Public Living Room" project, Ruyi exhibited a documentary “Around People’s Park” that explores the representation of the actual working class in People’s Park Complex and how they are depicted in a well-known 1998 melodramatic Singapore television drama. Ruyi was invited by Lopelab to exhibit a remake of the Kinetoscope, an early movie viewing device, where she deconstructed the Singapore’s television hit series ‘Return Of The Condor Hero” by hand painting 30 frames per second of erotic scenes culled from the drama. Recently, Ruyi was working on a Liang Court commissioned video installation: The Act Of Watching: The Supernatural that explores the cultural fascination of the supernatural and the unseen world depicted in Singapore’s television dramas.

Osh: Ong Sheng Hua is a multidisciplinary artist and designer whose creative mediums span from paint, tactile mediums to light. She has practiced as a lighting designer for 10 years and is active in design education for tertiary levels. Light is one of her favourite mediums, given that it has the ability to evoke fantasy, stir imagination and create atmospheres in her artwork. She is also an illustrator and has worked on a number of children picture books.

teaq: teaq is a researcher and curator who works with the intersections of performance, language and exhibition. She currently dwells in ideas on dramaturgy, translation and transmutation.


There are 2 showtimes: 8 pm and 9:30 pm

Tickets purchased will be valid for either show.

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Thu Oct 13, 2016
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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2nd Floor, Mount Emily
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11, Upper Wilkie Road Singapore